Temporary Closure

Sadly, and in accordance with the new lockdown rules, Royston Picture Palace will be closed from Thursday 5th November. Our last screening is tonight (Sunday 1st Nov) but we hope to reopen again in December.

In the meantime, do take a look at the WATCH AT HOME section of  our sister cinema, Saffron Screen's website. We are working with some of our favourite distributors to bring you exciting new films online – and we continue to share the ticket price so you can support us while enjoying films that we have carefully curated for you. Visit  the ‘Watch at Home’ web page for more information and the latest films.

We will be processing all ticket refunds as soon as possible but we appreciate your patience while we do this. It is a very manual process and one that we want to get right. Our aim is to complete your refund by the date of your intended screening. 

If you paid for your ticket by credit/debit card, the refund will be returned to that card. If you paid with cash, please email [email protected] with your name, ticket number and where you purchased your ticket. If you would like payment via BACS, please provide your bank details in the email. If you do not have access to emails, please leave a message on our telephone line 01799 500238.

At the moment, all screenings are cancelled until 2nd December but we will continue to monitor the situation and will endeavour to keep you updated.

Many of you have kindly expressed a wish to ‘donate your ticket’ and thus do not require a refund. If you would like to do this, please let us know via email [email protected] with your details and ticket booking reference.